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Have you had that feeling, after scrolling through various social media posts, that you’re just feeling – depressed? You didn’t feel like this when you picked your phone up, but the barrage of negative stories has brought you down. It’s called “doomscrolling”.

According to The Counseling and Wellness Center of Pittsburgh, we’re incessantly scrolling through negative news  because “we’re hard-wired for it on an evolutionary level because if we learn about the big scary thing or we get the answers, then we can control our environment.”

Doomscrolling can lead to anxiety, depression and fatigue, but there is a way to continue with your social media without it happening. Blocking people or sites that upset you is a great start. Also, limit your use of social media directly before bedtime. The negativity can affect your sleep.

You can help others, too. The next time you open your favorite app, post something positive or uplifting.

Doomscrolling is real.

Mental Health Experts Warn About Dangers Of 'Doomscrolling'

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Experts say spending too much time on social media can be damaging to your mental health, especially when consuming too much negative news. Are you finding yourself wasting too many hours online? We have all been there.